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An intelligent file transfer solution is efficient whether you're on a gigabit connection or on home wifi. The sooner content is delivered, the sooner it gets published!

How fast is fast?

Let's do some numbers.

120GB with 20Mbps

upload to Adult Empire

FTP = 96 hours
SaviTransfer = 14 hours

200GB with 8Mbps

download to Italy

Hard Drive = 10 days
SaviTransfer = 5 days

130GB with 600Mbps

download at Adult Empire

SaviTransfer = 30 minutes

130GB with 400Mbps

download at AEBN

SaviTransfer = 70 minutes

"With Savi, we all make our money faster. The VODs make their money faster, my studios make their money faster — and then, in turn, I’m able to generate new clients because I can tell them, 'nobody can load your product faster than me.'"

Mary Beth Crockett | CEO of Berkana Media

Because with today's high speed networks

Sending massive files on-line should NOT be a struggle.

Deliverability you can rely on. Lousy wifi connection? Server crashes? Computer restarts? No biggie. Savi resumes transfers like a boss.

Visibility of your entire delivery workflow. With email notifications on completed transfers, you’ll never have to chase people down. You’ll know exactly when content has been delivered.

Streamline content ingestion with automation. The fastest online delivery between point A and B happens when it’s automated. No waiting for the person at the other end to start the download.

Enable encryption to protect your property. Select end-to-end encryption to safegaurd against video piracy with bank-grade security. You've heard about it in the news. Don't be a victim.

Start sending huge files in 5 minutes. This is how easy it is to start using Savi: Create an account > Install a small desktop application > Send. No need to upgrade equipment and no IT resources required.

As with all software, it's not perfect but we try to be. If a transfer goes haywire, never fear, we are always here to help. More often than not, the issue will be solved and files delivered before you even realize that something went wrong!

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