Adult video content broker builds relationship with SaviTransfer

"Trust is the biggest roadblock to building relationships with new clients," says Mary Beth Crockett, founder of Berkana Media. As a content broker, Crockett works as an agent on behalf of numerous studios, delivering films from across the globe to big name aggregators and Video On Demand sites. Studios rely on her reputation and network for distribution and growth, and trust is key.

But licensing these products overseas poses a logistical challenge: how does she get the finished videos to the VODs? Especially when the studios are overseas? FTP, designed in the 1970s, is far too slow to deal with the terabytes of content for any given release — and shipping drives comes with its own host of expenses and scares. Studios might shell out thousands of dollars a month in shipping, not to say anything of Crockett's time and money spent sending each drive back and forth to multiple VODs.

SaviTransfer provides Crockett with the best of both worlds: the convenience and cost-effective price tag of online transfer with the reliability and bandwidth of physically shipping drives.

"In the past I would have to tell them, 'yeah, I got your drive in, but I’m waiting for it to come back from VOD company A before I can send it to VOD company B.' eSS has wiped that problem away because now I’m sending it to multiple clients simultaneously. There's no longer any delay factor."

Crockett, originally a broker for Smith Barney (now Solomon Brothers), founded Berkana Media in 2000. While pioneering distribution in a broader marketplace, she found that utilizing traditional transfer services created bottlenecks in both her workflow and her income. Switching to SaviTransfer removed the hassle and, in turn, opened up new relationships in new markets.

"The trust goes right along with the cost. I can tell clients that eSS helps me because I no longer have to worry about lost shipments; I no longer have to worry about delays in getting material. The client can trust that when they send me a drive, within a reasonable amount of time, they can see their titles have been uploaded."

No more babysitting transfers, no more finger-crossing about damaged drives, no more disputes over when files were sent. "It's nice, easy, well laid-out, and worth every penny," she says. And when transfer is easy, everyone benefits. "We all make our money faster. The VODs make their money faster, my studios make their money faster — and then, in turn, I’m able to generate new clients because I can tell them, 'nobody can load your product faster than me.'"

Are FTP and shipping costs straining your company's growth? Connect with SaviTransfer and we'll help you navigate your file-transfer bottlenecks.