Devil’s Film Adapts SaviTransfer To Streamline Their Content Delivery Process

Digital video world is expanding rapidly today. Every year brings a new set of devices , every time with more bandwidth, more computing power, higher-resolution displays and even more portability. Hence its important for every service provider to keep up with the race in this growing demand. The global video market is expanding at break-neck speed and with it, which adds in tremendous complexity to VOD platform, and studios are looking out for more sophisticated solutions to fulfil their requirements.

Devils Film an American Film Studio based in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California uses SaviTransfer for speedy content delivery to its VOD platform. The solution helps to connect with studios and content providers creating a wider network and making it even easier to share content. They say that anything that streamlines interactions between multiple entities and allows for content to be transferred more efficiently, is a welcome addition for them.

“With the adult industry becoming more focused on streaming content, it is imperative that studios be able to transfer their content to content providers quickly and efficiently. This becomes more difficult with the sheer size of video and photo files. Savi provides a way to streamline the process and get content to multiple providers at the same time. This saves a lot of time and money.”

Today's consumers expect access to new content on a daily basis. By implementing SaviTransfer it has helped the studios to expedite the process at faster speed. Online file transfer is supposed to streamline the whole process of moving files from point A to B. SaviTransfer takes it to the next level by personalizing the service to cater to the specifics of adult industry needs.

SaviTransfers intuitive interface is easy to use even for non-technical users, simplifying the media upload process for Devil’s Film’s valued customers. As an added bonus, many of their partners and clients also use Savi, making the process of exchanging video files even easier.

As more and more video content finds its way to the world wide web, the need to have reliable, robust and improved content security has grown.. With Savi’s file transfer platform, your content is as secure as it can get and the gateway to earning the maximum revenue from your content remains open forever.

SaviTransfers high-speed managed file transfer (MFT) and integration platform, accelerates the movement of data of any format, size, or volume, without compromising network bandwidth. All files are encrypted and tracked, ensuring compliance and real-time visibility to all data moving throughout your business.

Devil’s Film team members too feel that the interface is straightforward and easy to use. They say that there have been very few technical hiccups but if anything seemed off-kilter, their technical support has been top-notch in resolving any issues quickly.

“Savi has been a great company to work with. Their interface is straightforward and their platform is very easy to use. The transfer speeds are fantastic,” says Eric Gutterman, VP of Devil’s Films