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Colin Rowntree
Colin Rowntree | CEO of Wasteland

File transfer doesn't have to be a pain.

Rowntree is no stranger to the frustrations of file transfer, with FTP or shipping hard drives or other on-line services.

Read what Colin has to say

"When David went out of town, he left things sending and when he came back he just resumed where he left off. He liked it. I'm also noticing that my send time is about half of what our FTP is, so for big files, Savi makes sense. We're thrilled to be using the service."

Fran Marquez | Rodney Moore of Rodnievision, Inc

Berkana Media
Mary Beth Crockett | Founder of Berkana

SaviTransfer is right for Berkana Media.

Crockett works as an agent on behalf of studios, delivering films to big name aggregators and Video On Demand sites.

Read what Mary Beth has to say

"Savi is awesome for multiple reasons. First it's lightning fast compared to any other content delivery method I have ever tried. You can transfer files in an encrypted format if you desire. The program continues to transfer in the background without interrupting any other work flow that you may be engaged in, and more than anything, the customer service is beyond what I have seen before. They are always there to answer any question or help make getting large files to business partners as efficient as possible."

James Deen | Director/Producer

Adam and Eve
Joe Kinder | Editor at Adam & Eve

SaviTransfer adapts to Adam & Eve Pictures' needs.

Kinder and his parent company PHE were early adopters of SaviTransfer, and their feedback helped direct its development.

Read what Joe and others say

"SaviTransfer has made doing business for us alot easier. They deliver our content quickly and always keep us up to date as to the status of the content delivery. Thank you so much guys."

Stoney Curtis | Director/Producer of Lethal Hardcore

Devil's Film

SaviTransfer has been great company to work with.

Gutterman feels that SaviTransfer provides a way to streamline the transfer process and get content to multiple providers at the same time.This has saved a lot of their time and money.

Read what Eric Gutterman has to say

"Savi has been a godsend for our company. Having to work with large multiple files from multiple locations has never been easier. No more headaches and uncertainty with FTP stalls, corrupt files and slow upload/download speeds. No more outrageous costs and file size limits for corporate dropbox style solutions. We are more than pleased with the technical service and the exceptional customer service in our multiple user setup."

Fran Marquez | Rodney Moore of Rodnievision, Inc

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